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If you’re thinking about adding a VPN to your gaming device but still unsure if it’s worth it, look no further. This article explores the various advantages of VPNs, and how they can enhance your gaming experience, and strengthen your online security.

Reasons Why You Need a VPN for PlayStation 4/5

Now you will find out why VPN PS5 or PS4 is so important, but for now, I would like to focus your attention on the VPN provider. When it comes to using a VPN on PS4 and PS5, many of the benefits will depend on the provider. A good PlayStation VPN can protect data from any third parties, provides good speed, and allows you to change your region at your discretion. One of the best choices is VeePN, it has it all and can be called gaming in every sense of the word.

#1 Stay private

A VPN connection, also known as a Virtual Private Network connection, functions as a digital redirect. Utilizing a VPN has various advantages, such as safeguarding your movie preferences from others and accessing the US Netflix selection. If you are an avid gamer, consider installing a VPN on your console to achieve complete anonymity. Encrypting all traffic makes it impossible for other gamers to trace your identity based on your IP address.

#2 Improve Internet Speed and Reduce Latency

When assessing your Internet speed, the foremost factor analyzed is the ping time. Typically, higher ping results in slower upload and download speeds, leading to increased lag. Every second matters in gaming, particularly in online shooters. To minimize ping and counter your ISP’s bandwidth throttling, consider utilizing a gaming VPN.

It’s important to note that using a subpar VPN service might strain your Internet connection, causing further lag and latency. Opt for top VPN providers that offer gaming-optimized servers with unlimited bandwidth and seamless connection speeds.

#3 It masks you from ISP monitoring

Internet service providers (ISPs) employ data throttling to alleviate network congestion, often negatively affecting heavy data users like movie enthusiasts and gamers. To avoid being targeted, it is advisable to conceal your IP address and online activities. This can be achieved by utilizing a trustworthy VPN that effectively masks your online presence.

#4 Improved Availability

Using a VPN enables access to PS5 games that may not be available in certain areas due to staggered release dates. With a VPN connection, users can access the latest game releases on the release day, even if they are not available in their location. As mentioned before, a VPN disguises the user’s PS5 console as being connected from an authorized location to access game and entertainment libraries.

Certain countries prohibit video games with violent, sexual, or drug-related content. Residents of countries like Australia and Great Britain face restrictions in downloading such games. In Venezuela, users are blocked from downloading games that involve shooting other human beings.

#5 Bypassing bans

Some game manufacturers block user IP addresses, and there have been instances where users have been banned or timed out without valid reasons or for unknowingly violating user agreements. By connecting to a game server through a VPN, users can obtain a new IP address, starting fresh and regaining access.

Lastly, service providers are capable of detecting VPN usage. However, a high-quality VPN with a wide range of servers allows users to navigate and find servers that game sites have not identified as unauthorized VPN servers.

#6 Fend Off Attacks

A highly secure VPN will prevent malicious attempts to flood your internet connection with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks aim to overload your connection with excessive data or traffic, resulting in unplayable levels of ping.

Additionally,  VPN encrypts your email address, physical address, credit card information, passwords, and all account details linked to your PS4, ensuring maximum protection and privacy.

How to use VPN on PS4/PS5?

Method 1: With PC

You can utilize a PC to share your PS4’s VPN connection effortlessly. If you want to switch to another server on your PC during the process, simply download now here the browser extension. First, you need to just gather a desktop computer and an ethernet cable (Note: this method exclusively functions on Windows):

  1. Obtain and install a VPN for your PC.
  2. Connect your PS4 to the PC used from Ethernet cable.
  3. Now Configure Ethernet connection on your PC.
  4. Connect to your preferred location with the VPN app.
  5. Configure your console:
  6. PS4: First Open the Dynamic Menu , navigate to Settings -> Network Settings -> Set up Internet Connection. Select “Use a LAN Cable” with the connection method set to “Easy” and click “Do Not Use a Proxy Server” when prompted.
  7. PS5: First Go to Settings -> Network -> Settings. Select “Set Up Internet Connection”, then choose “Set Up Wired LAN” and click “Connect”.
  8. All done!
Method 2: From Wi-Fi Router

You can easily establish a VPN connection on your PS4 without requiring a PC by utilizing your Wi-Fi router. Moreover, it enables VPN usage on both PS4 and PS5 consoles without the need for a PC. Follow these steps :

  1. Set up a VPN connection on your router.
  2. Configure the console:
  3. For PS4: Access the Dynamic Menu on your Playstation, navigate to Settings -> Network Settings -> Set up Internet Connection. Choose the Use Wi-Fi option and set the connection method to Easy. When prompted, select Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
  4. For PS5: Access Settings -> Network -> Settings. Select Set Up Internet Connection, then choose Wi-Fi and connect.
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