Pet Master Free Spins Link (July 2024) – Updated

Moon Active’s funville game Pet Master blends city-building strategy with the thrill of slot machines. You can win coins and other prizes each time you play the slot machine. These gifts can be used to purchase chests, construct your community, and much more. Since the game’s shop may be quite expensive when it comes to spins. We have compiled a list of the best ways to obtain Pet Master free spins and coins without having to pay any money.

Every day, Moon Active offers links to free prizes. You can get free coins or spins (sometimes both) by clicking on a link. The links have a limited lifespan and they typically expire after three days or 72 hours.

Today Pet Master Free Spins (July 2024) – Updated

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6. Pet Master Free Spin (New)

5. Pet Master Free Spin 

4. Pet Master Free Spin 

3. Pet Master Free Spin 

2. Pet Master Free Spin 

1. Pet Master Free Spin 

How to increase your Pet Master coins and free spin

Get 5 free spins in Pet Master every hour. You can collect up to 50 free spins in 10 hours. Some players wait 10 hours to use all 50 spins at once. Others log in every hour to avoid losing free spins. Remember, if you wait more than 10 hours, you’ll lose extra spins. So, claim your spins within 10 hours to get the most out of them.

Participate in unique gaming events

Moon Active often hosts special events in Pet Master. You can win extra rewards by completing tasks during these events. In most events, you spin a slot machine to win a special token. Each token fills a progress bar. When the bar is full, you get a big reward. Your score is compared to your friends’ scores at the end of the event. You get a bonus prize based on how well you did compared to your friends.

Whole sets of Pet Master cards

Completing Card Sets is a great way to get free spins in Pet Master. You get hundreds of extra spins for each complete set. The rare the set, the bigger the reward. When you finish a whole album, you get a huge coin prize and thousands of bonus spins. When you will receive 1,500 bonus spins and a massive 250 million coins just for completing the first album.

Reach Village Level 3 to unlocks Pet Albums. Purchase more chests to obtain more cards. Focus on completing albums as soon as they are available. Don’t rush to level up your village too quickly. You will get more chests at lower levels.


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