Wordscapes Level 88 Answers

A very popular game of word makings that combines crossword and boggle puzzles, famous as Wordscapes. It is effectively drawing attention of all the word puzzle players. There are some words given under this game to solve the puzzle and win the game, the player must locate each word using the letters that are indicated in the circle at the bottom of the screen. Depending on the level being played, the game might be extremely difficult.

The circle can have three, five, or seven letters in it. To get extra cash, the user can solve bonus words. This game now has 6,000 levels, and when the first 6,000 are completed, there is a game called Jumble Words. The 6,000 levels are the same, but as one advances through the levels, so does the hardness. These players have unrestricted access to additional master levels. Players can practice their quiz-solving and puzzle-solving techniques with the aid of this game.

Every day, users can solve brand-new puzzles to add to their reward total in an enjoyable way. Players must use the set of letters placed in each circle to make words that fit inside a grid similar to a crossword in order to advance through each level of the game. Comparable technique comprehension, vocabulary, and strategic thinking are required to pass Wordscapes level 88. We’ll delve deeper into Wordscape’s challenging stages. Firstly, we will go through level 85 in this blog post. We’ll also examine tactics, guidelines, and pointers to assist gamers in overcoming this challenge and reaping benefits.

About Wordscapes level 88

We will now examine this game and its supplied level 88 as part of our comprehension process. For the sake of players’ convenience and comprehension, this post provides a summary of Wordscapes Level 88. This level falls between the beginner-friendly and challenging “Canyon” category, which puzzle fans would find intriguing. Through this blog I meant to help gamers in building better understanding and improve their word-processing and word builiding outta scratch. The purpose of this blog is to hone such abilities so they can take on the next round of increasingly difficult puzzles. In this game, Wordscapes level 88 features have six letters provided by the word puzzle forum. There are six alphabets are as follows: E, L, M, N, O, and Y. To win this game and pass this level, players must locate every conceivable and meaningful word combination to fill the crossword grid with these letters in order to finish the level and advance to Wordscapes Level 88.

Wordscape Puzzle 88 answers

Level 88 of the Wordscapes contains six alphabetical letters and in this game players need to form words. The players need to make meaningful and sensible words with these available words at Level 88. Those words are of the Canyon Group are as follow: E, N, M, O, L, and Y. This level is at sub category of Ravine Pack. Players must use these letters to create 9 different words in order to pass this level. The following are the essential terms that must be formed. The words included in this word game are:


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Wordscape level 88 bonus words

There are extensive possibilities for forming logical word combinations that can be made with the help of given letters. The level 88 of Wordscape presents a pretty easy and average puzzle skill that is required. In addition to having 42 additional words, or extra words, this Wordscapes level is more entertaining to play since it presents a pleasant challenge and is more exciting. Finding out these bonus words will get you bonus points and a very fulfilling sense of accomplishment. Those 42 bonus words are as follows:


Level 88 Word Definitions – Wordscapes Answers

The meaning of these words are also available for their better learning.

ELM – A tree of the genus Ulmus of the family Ulmaceae, large deciduous trees with alternate stipulate leaves and small apetalous flowers.

MEN – Plural form of man. LONE – Solitary; having no companion.

MOLE – A pigmented spot on the skin, a naevus, slightly raised, and sometimes hairy.

ONLY – Alone in a category.

LEMON – A yellowish citrus fruit.

MELON – Any of various fruits of the family Cucurbitaceae grown for food, generally not including the cucumber.

MONEY – A legally or socially binding conceptual contract of entitlement to wealth, void of intrinsic value, payable for all debts and taxes, and regulated in supply.

LEMONY – Being lemon-like, especially in terms of taste.


These very significant key terms are also given with their explanations, as above for users better understanding and also a smooth learning. So that players can better understand each word, which will increase the players’ enjoyment and a fun learning of Wordscapes. The key strategies and knowledge required by the players to solve this puzzle are locating such brief meaningful words from the provided alphabets, by utilizing prefixes and suffixes of given letters frequently and interchangeably, rearranging these letters to create new meaningful words, and utilizing bonus words to score extra points and awards.

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FAQ for Wordscapes Puzzle 88 level
What are the letters for Wordscapes Puzzle 88?

Wordscapes Puzzle 88, the six letters provided are M, L, E, N, O, and Y.

How many words are in Wordscapes Puzzle 88?

In Wordscapes Puzzle 88, there are a total of 51 words that can be formed using six letters. This total includes 10 primary answers and 25 bonus words.

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