Who is PS1 Hagrid? – PS1 Hagrid Meme Explained

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The PS1 Hagrid if you don’t know is a meme based on the Harry Potter’s Hagrid, who has been our one of the favourite and adorable character from the franchise. The Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released on PlayStation earlier in 2001. Same is the case with many HP memes. This one came to life many, many years later, over a decade, in fact. The “Haggord: You dun it nao Arry Porrer” meme which is the original PS1 Hagrid began back in 2012. In this article we will talk about who is this PS1 Hagrid. Although it sounds to me as the one from the Harry Potter and we will also explain what it means.

Why does PS1 Hagrid Look so Funny?

PS1 Hagrid is the main character of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and his role is of a groundskeeper.  Who gives the player a handful of quests throughout to solve for the player. Here is the story how this meme originated. Actually in the early 2000’s the graphics used in the gaming industry was not that developed at that time, unlike now when it is very progressive. Think of any games such as GTA Vice City, old Die Hard hames or even our childhood Hitman game. As years have rolled the standard has obviously evolved. Now most games are built for multiple platforms have vivid model building and sharper details-that the industry standards are now today.

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This is such because in the the early 2000s, the gaming industry utilized polygon technology in game designing. As a result, there were quite a lot of horrendous and often funny looking characters across the games. It is only natural to think that whoever was making the polygon model for Haggard-which is the meme name for Hagrid- really didn’t think this through as it seems. It could also be the case that there was indeed a huge limitation in the engine that did not allow better shape forming for Hagrid’s head.

Recent Gaming Engines

Benzaie, a French content creator on YouTube has shared a Haggard meme where if you see  the post Haggard (the meme name for Hagrid). He looks like a blobfish in that frame and most of the time when you encounter him. However, it is only assumable that the previous technology is responsible for a funny. Blobfish looking Hag rid that just happened to be noticed by so many players and got sensational among meme creators. However, it was just a stepping stone towards more serious gaming graphic engines.

It is only respectable that with rapid industry’s growth and development since the early 2000’s. These sort of incidents would not take place any more. The engines used by the gaming industries are updated graphic engines like Unreal,  Torque, Cry Engine 3, and GDevelop to name a few. These engines produce a far superior quality graphics that develop real-life-like gaming characters thus, improving the experience of gamers in every way possible.

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