Trendy 2023 Gacha Games & How They Maintain The Gambling Spirit Alive

The term “gacha game” refers to video games where you spend real money or in-game coins to obtain a rare/epic item. This epic item is usually displayed on the game’s time-limited banners to make players feel the rush of getting it right away. The item in question can be anything valuable in the game, from a character to a mount, a battle pet, a skin, or a weapon.

However, spending the required currencies doesn’t guarantee you the item that you are rolling for. And that is exactly the catch: the thrill of not knowing when the luck will strike you or if it even will, makes the people roll more and more with each new banner.

Why Do People Love Gatcha Games?

These games function like progressive jackpot slots or lotteries. Players buy entrees/chances and are granted some odds of winning that item. You don’t have many opportunities to win the lottery because everyone in your country could participate, but esports could have fewer people, therefore a better chance.

Studies conducted by the comparison reviewers from KingCasinoBonus showed that the most popular games in the previous year were casino games. An in-depth analysis shows that slots were the number one choice because people prefer to spend less on a longer session rather than a large sum of money on shorter ones.

This logic applies to gacha games as well: the vast majority of games are free and require you to spend only a tiny amount of money but on a longer period of time, like the duration of the banner.

However, the instant gratification and the sense of accomplishment if you win this lottery count more than the sum you choose to spend for these feelings. Plus, some games even have additional small prizes for people who invest more money.

The following games are perfect examples of gachas, so we will present more details to allow you a better understanding of their story.

AFK Arena

Lilith Games released this RPG for every market on April 9th, 2019. The game can be played on Android and iOS, and more than 10 million users already download and tried it. Gamers describe it as F2F-friendly and fun.

The objective of AFK Arena is to have a team of a maximum of five players, each with its agenda. You can create a character from six different races: the Lightbearer, Mauler, Graveborn, Hyypogans, Wilder and the Celestial. Each race has multiple classes and styles of battle, meaning that you can pick from mages, archers, melees, or warriors.

Users rate this game around 4.6/5 on Google Play and Apple Store. However, some Redditors consider it to be a little too easy and boring for passionate players.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the second gacha RPG on our list. It was released in 2020 by HoYoverse for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4/5, and Windows. The good part about this game is that you will be able to play it on every platform because this year, as Gashin Impact will also be available for Nintendo Switch.

The story-based progression and open-world perspective are fascinating and capture millions of gamers. The game’s aesthetics have anime-like characters and some features from Zelda Breath of the Wild. The main character is a mysterious traveller from another world that travels across Teyvat in search of their lost sibling.

The mechanics of the game centre around building teams of 4 characters that have power over 7 elements and wield different types of weapons (swords, claymores, bows, polearms or catalysts). By combing the elements and creating real-life reactions, like vaporise, melt, freeze and many others, you can battle bosses and complete dungeons while you explore every corner of the game.

Genshin Impact is also free, and as with any other gachas, you can pay to win or spend in-game currency to purchase characters or weapons.


Arknights is a tower defence and strategy game released in 2020 for mobile users by Yostar Limited. Gamers usually recommend this game to people who want to play alone. The game is a single-player puzzle, and each level has different tactics to be beaten. You can get the characters you want by rolling for them in the lottery system. Each is unique and has distinct abilities that will help you defeat the villains.

You can complete most of the levels with regular characters, so you don’t feel pressured to buy the latest, most shiny units to be successful. You can make friends in this game, and you can share to each other your battle units when needed.

Epic Seven

Lastly, Epic Seven got into the mobile gaming market in 2018. It was created by Super Creative Inc as an RP gacha. The game focuses on combat, and you will learn fast how to position your heroes on the battlefield. You will have four spots, two for tanks and warriors in front and another two for mages and healers in the back.

You can hunt and gather materials to upgrade your characters, and players actually recommend doing it. You can also have pets and orbits, participate in arenas and be part of a guild.

You can select to learn more about side stories, runes and spirit altars. You can also start a Guild war or defeat world bosses when you are in a guild.

The most popular gacha games in the market. These games seems to be expanding more and more with a lot of new additions every season. So if you enjoy the thrill of gambling, but you are not ready for the real deal. Gacha games can be a great place to start testing your luck.

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