The Powerful Technique Used to Market Online Casinos

Every company needs to try its best to stand out from the crowd when doing business on the internet. This has resulted in many savvy marketing tactics. One, in particular, has become a favorite of online businesses – letting customers try a service for free. This powerful digital marketing technique has become popular with online casinos. Find out why below.

The Power of the Offer

This marketing tactic pre-dates the internet. Traditionally, businesses would (and still do) give generous free samples or return periods so that people can try a product out before committing to it. However, the rise of online entertainment services like iGaming has made it easier than ever to offer free promotions.

Since it’s all digitally managed, and there’s no physical product, free offers allow quick and easy testing of products or services at virtually no cost to the company. Offers are everywhere in the iGaming industry. Entire sites exist to compare the promotions that leading and new casinos have in place. When these offers are present, you’ll usually find them split between two types – deposit matches and free spins.

In the digital age, offers are also commonly used by streaming services (via timed free trials) and e-commerce merchants.  The reason they work can be summed upto two words – give and take. By providing benefits to potential users, some are more likely to stick around if they have a good time, fulfilling their end of the bargain.

The Different Types of Casino Promotions

Let’s discuss the two main promotions you’ll find on iGaming sites and how they work for both new and loyal casino customers.

Deposit Matching

One of the most popular marketing techniques in iGaming is deposit matching. With this promotion, iGaming websites will offer credit to users, typically newcomers. Many offers are aimed at those who haven’t tried the service yet – deposit matching is more effective when onboarding new customers as it motivates them to add money to their accounts.

Deposit matching means the site will double whatever you put into your account. For example, putting $120 into your account with a 100% match could get you $240 to play with. However, that extra $120 comes with strings attached, so players don’t just take the money without enjoying the service.

Free Spins

While deposit matching applies to an entire account, free spin offers are more contextual. Slots are the most popular casino game, so it’s a safe bet that free spins will attract a large crowd. This is helped by the fact that online slot games use a lot of visual material to complement their themes, further broadening their appeal.

So, when an iGaming site offers a set number of free spins, newcomers can use them on compatible slot and wheel games. While most offers apply to all kinds of spinning games, others are more game-specific or form part of a seasonal event. Additional terms and conditions apply to free spins, like deposit matching rules or the expiration timeframe before those spins disappear from your account.

Offering something for free is nothing new in the marketing landscape, and online businesses continue to do it. We’ve seen how online casinos have tapped into this truly powerful type of promotion. And it continues to be one of their most potent tools for attracting new players.

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