The Most Talked-About Blackjack Variants of 2023

The Most Talked-About Blackjack Variants of 2023 CrazyAshwin.Com .png

Online blackjack remains one of the most captivating and fast-changing elements within the realm of iGaming. Although the classic version of blackjack remains a perennial favorite online, especially single-deck games where the house edge is competitively low, there’s been a surge in demand for innovative and exciting blackjack variants.

As iGamers seek more immersive and engaging table game experiences, the industry’s leading developers continue to work hard to add a fresh dimension to the game of “21” we all know and love. If you’re in the mood for a different take on the game of blackjack, let’s run through the most talked-about variants to have captured the imagination of players in 2023.

Blackjack Xchange

The brainchild of Slingo Originals, Blackjack Xchange has brought a new twist to this age-old card game. This version gives you greater control over the cards you play with. Essentially, you can trade cards to improve the make-up of your blackjack hands.

You’re dealt two cards in the same way as other blackjack games, but you can “sell” either of the cards and receive a new one from the dealer. The “sell” price is added to your potential winnings. If you “buy” a new card, this is deducted from your potential winnings. Blackjack Xchange has firmly established itself within online blackjack UK-licensed game libraries, which specialize in a wide variety of blackjack variants, celebrating the skill-based game with a very healthy dose of luck.

Back Blackjack

Golden Rock Studios is the brains behind the release of the Back Blackjack game, which is a stylishly rendered online table game, complete with an exciting jackpot side bet. The side bet actually allows you to win a minimum of 8x your initial wager and up to a max jackpot of 264x.

The game itself is fairly standard – a six-deck blackjack game with regular blackjacks reassuringly paid out at the classic 3:2 odds. The side bets pay out when you or the dealer get a blackjack. The dice then spin and if they all land with the same number, your payout will be multiplied between 11x-66x.

Side Bet City

This is another captivating online blackjack variant that deviates from classic gameplay. The table itself is set against a neon-lit backdrop, where you can play poker-style hands. In Side Bet City, you can place all manner of side bets, including 3 Card, 5 Card, and 7 Card Hands. You’ll initially receive three cards to reveal a potential three-card poker hand. If it makes a pair or better, 3 Card bets pay out. The next two cards are then dealt to make a five-card poker hand. If it makes a pair of jacks or better, it’ll also pay out. The final two cards are dealt to reveal a seven-card poker hand. Make a three-of-a-kind or better to get a payout.

First-Person Blackjack

First-Person Blackjack has shot to prominence as it’s like having your own private online blackjack table – with no fancy tuxedo necessary. Evolution Gaming’s First-Person Blackjack takes you closer to the action than ever before in an RNG-powered blackjack game. You can also seamlessly switch to the live dealer version at any time. You’ve got the flexibility to either play at your own pace or enjoy a personalized table game experience live-streamed to your desktop or mobile device.

As iGaming software continues to evolve, the most talked-about online blackjack variants will provide a dynamic gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.

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