The main features of Fortnite and key mechanics that beginners need to understand

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Fortnite remains one of the most popular gameplay formats in the battle royale genre and offers players unique mechanics that are not available in other projects, even the famous PUBG, which essentially began the development of the battle royale gaming industry.

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In Fortnite, as in other projects, the time and place of your landing plays an important role, because the first minutes of PUBG matches are always a race for resources and capturing key points from which you can build on and develop your success.

It is also important to keep track of where the main number of players land, because if more than 6 players land at the most unpopular point, then there can be a real massacre, and it is better to choose another starting point rather than bet everything on a gamble.

Choose large landing zones, where there are many buildings and sources of weapons if you are looking for battles, and you are easily ready to give up the rating in favor of action and a love of shooting, especially since you can always follow the link – and make up for your lost rank.

Then, Choose the middle territories, where there are two or three houses, if you want a more stable supply of weapons and a chance to wait out the main wave of shootings, when some of the players will simply kill each other.

Choose remote zones if you want safety and reduce to almost zero your chances of colliding with the enemy at the first stage, but such zones are dangerous due to their remoteness from the battle scene and in the event of an unfavorable reduction of the game map, you may have to go a long way to continue the match and risk your life because players are always monitoring the map and all fast players.

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You will be offered many types of weapons, ranging from pistols to full-fledged assault rifles.

All weapons will have varying degrees of quality, and it depends only on your luck which one you get – it could be a legendary level rifle, or a primitive pistol.

It is important not only what kind of weapon you find, but also how you know how to shoot with it, because you can kill with a pistol.

Practice in various shooting modes with rifles, pistols and shotguns to increase your chances of getting your first victory and getting a full Fortnite boost.


The main and most unique mechanic in Fortnite compared to other projects in the battle royale genre is the construction format.

You can mine three types of resources – metal, wood and stone and use them to build shelters in length, width, or height at your discretion.

This approach adds enormous dynamics to the project and a whole layer for creativity and testing the speed of decision-making.

The network is full of videos in which two players, who are the last ones left on the game server, build and destroy huge shelters in seconds and try to defeat each other using all the available mechanics of the project, because their Fortnite rank boosting is at stake.

Not everyone likes the gameplay, in which you need to do a lot of actions to win, and the more active player wins more often, but this skill can learned to use training modes.

All you need is to have a sufficient amount of resources and just continue to try to build shelters as quickly as possible, for this you just need to understand the mechanics of the available point for installation and build them as quickly as possible – this is a mechanical skill that will developed with experience, after you understand the basic principle.

This is an important feature and idea in gameplay, without recognition and use of which there is no point in continuing to play Fortnite and choosing more classic projects.

Listen to the sounds

If you play carefully, listen to the sounds of shooting, movement and construction, then you will significantly increase your chances of survival, because you can always have time to react in advance.

Do not play with music – this way you risk spontaneously dying from opponents whom you simply did not hear.

The more advanced headset you use, the more accurately, and efficiently you will hear your enemies, which will greatly help in boosting Fortnite.

The ideal option would be a 7.1 sound format, where the system, through software or built-in hardware, will ensure precise positioning of each sound through 7 devices that will generate sounds with positioning 360 degrees around the player.

Stereo sound is also suitable, but for all types of competitive games it is more outdated and not as useful as 7.1.

Use grenades and traps

As you explore loot and weapon points, you will find various grenades and other items.

They can and should be used to set traps that will be activated upon contact with an enemy and stun him, or cause damage, ranging from minor wounds and knocking down to death.

Grenades will help knock enemies out of houses and shelters, or provide you with space to retreat, or time to reload your main weapon.

Try to play as a team

In Fortnite, as in other projects of the battle royale genre, you can play alone, or as part of a group, where the system selects opponents of similar compositions for you.

Such modes provide more tactical opportunities and gameplay moments that are much more interesting to play together and plan your attacks and defense exercises.

You will decide on the landing site and keep an eye on other groups, take advantageous positions, loot and continue to move to the points of the first map reduction, while simultaneously destroying or avoiding other groups of players who will meet on your way.

In a cooperative game, you can distribute roles by choosing conditional attack aircraft, snipers, orderlies, shelter builders, and so on.

This format of the game is very popular among players because it is a fun way to get Fortnite boosts and at the same time fully conveys the emotions and spirit of eSports competitions for ordinary players who can compete in their skill, ingenuity, tactical actions and opportunities to realize their skills.


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