Review Of Avengers Endgame

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Review Of Avengers Endgame : – Description adrift in space with no meals or water, tony stark sends a message to pepper potts as his oxygen supply starts offevolved to dwindle.
In the meantime, the closing avengers – thor, black widow, captain the us and bruce banner — ought to figure out a manner to bring lower back their vanquished allies for an epic showdown with thanos – the evil demigod who decimated the planet and the universe.

Avengers: Endgame directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo with the star-studded, star cast Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper.

None of the 22 films on this cycle are likely to be remembered as excellent works of cinema, due to the fact none have certainly attempted.It’s fun to peer the actors in these roles we understand are capable of better, and also enjoyable to understand the efforts of folks who won’t be.Some extraordinary administrators have taken up the banner and burnished the brand. Their beyond and future masterpieces will maximum probably be found some other place.


Audience reviews : –

  • A surprising psych accurate delivery of a post war environment with deeply humane feelings of – Loss, PTS, behavioral sins & Sacrifice, with a hearty serving of comedic relief on memorable characters albeit with some overdone and quite disorienting with our loved heros ; this in the opening theme dosed with realism was promising. Although entertaining, unfortunately it takes a turn as the story unfolds and leaves a bit of a void on believability and represents more of a desperately designed stand and deliver patchwork bridging of past films to pitch a network of links in sticking a landing that Psychosomatically hits the sweet desired targets of fandoms, but risks Dislocating the rails for an emotional crescendo in absolute anticipation of a solid long lasting & memorable plot ending in similar weight or greater having followed the harrowing & unexpected conclusion of Avengers Infinity War which I found to be a brilliant cliffhanger…keeping me in suspense for 1 year for what’s next ….Review Of Avengers Endgame
    The final clash was epic only in the number of characters that were involved, however fell short on equating an equivalent match up with full development of the perpetrators (bad guys make movies great – y’all know that right), leaving the clash moments often feeling shallow and too brief on individual skill set moves that would anchor (or even deliver an epic surprise) memorable match up encounters of the opposing sides. A missed opportunity to stamp in some legendary moments of cinematic clash to last decades, with some signatures of this, although too few (only spiderman and black panther, Ironman, Cap and Thor had some great choreographed fight scenes worth remembering) and not covering more of the fringe characters which left us short changed….not to mention what happens to the stones…too simple and convenient….Review Of Avengers Endgame
    As it ended, a lot of characters were under developed, clash seemed artificially one sided (not many bad guys won nor good guys hurt, which is unbelievable in any battle this complex, not withstanding a mother of all weapon raining down from the Thanos ship on everyone) and it left a huge void of ownership in believability or acceptance for a realistic ending for the switched on emancipated minds, and fell short as being an organic story development for any expansionary wonderment or excitement for the future of the MCU characters. Left artificially static & lost like most of the characters at the funeral scene….Review Of Avengers Endgame
    For me it’s more of a miss in encapsulating an overbearingly fan tilted “feel-good” desert serving, rather than a well crafted conveyance that is surgical, masterful and sweet spot hitting akin to black widow’s mark (mayhap could have even been an astonishing expose). Thus it lacks the credibility ingredient needed as a prerequisite to invest whole heartedly into a story arc that weaves a more natural flavor & incorporates a more probable ending; that would certainly earn the respect and ticks the satisfaction factor from the matured adults category being die hard followers of the marvel characters who are also great fans of good story telling & intelligent endings….Review Of Avengers Endgame
    Please don’t get me wrong, kudos to the big R Brothers for soldiering on in fatigue to end the story. Perhaps they did such a good job in IW that staged an expectation that was way too high from us fans who have come to expect nothing but the Epic Best ending which unfortunately this was not….leaving lots of questions unanswered pertaining to the characters.

  • Honestly i could not be happier with the outcomes of this movie, now sorry for saying this but this review will contain spoilers. Seeing some of my favourite MCU characters come to an end including Thanos was a real depressing moment, and left me and everyone feeling a bit unfilled, not because the movie didnt exceed expectations…..its because the movie left of with nothing regarding the future of the MCU.
    Yes Thor is seen with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, but we knew that the Guardians have an upcoming sequel and to be honest, the Avengers are the pinacle of hype and excitment towards the MCU, and with 3 of the 6 “OG” avengers actually dying them being Iron Man “Tony Stark”,Captain America”Steve Rogers” and Black Widow “Natasha Romenoff” it left the audience feeling sustained but still hungry for some more footage or any grasp of seeing the Main Avengers. We still do have many more movies regarding other characters such as Spiderman, Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy but i still will never be even close to Excited and Hyped to see those movies as much as Avengers Endgame.
    I also wanted to complement the screentime of alot of our characters, the Russo Brothers did this so perfectly and i believe that they should be in charge of alot more of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    Regarding other Hated/Less Loved characters such as Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange, im glad they didnt give much screentime because i dont think anyone genuinlly likes seeing these guys hog up any of the 3 hours that the movie was and im happy to see that her power wasnt enough to even fuss Thanos.
    Overall i would give this movie a 10/10, its excellent and well blended together and every moment of the 3 hours that i watched the movie was just so amazing,not to mention the pure atmosphere of the Cinema at the time was just so heartwarming, and i thank everyone that has ever been involved with the MCU for making a brilliant and interesting franchise that has made peoples childhood such a memorable phenomenom. Stan Lee you are an amazing and creative man, you’ll be remembered as such a legend and i hope every moment of your life was as amazing as you made mine when i watched the ending to the worlds most beloved franchise R.I.P.

  • Marvel has always been a huge part of my childhood ever since I watched Iron Man in theatres for the first time in 2008, it sparked my interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I would never have imagined that it would be where it is now. 11 years, 23 Movies, as the years went by I started loving the characters I was seeing on screen and it made me become a true fan of Marvel
    Avengers Endgame was an extremely emotional and well developed film. There were times where I laughed, times where I cried, times where I celebrated with the rest of the crowd in the theatre and it was truly an amazing experience. My favourite part of the movie was that the Russo brothers were willing to give ample amounts of screen time to the characters, especially the original 6, to see how they have developed after 11 years. This film may not have had that much action on screen like Infinity War did but it had a lot of character development which I appreciated greatly, we were able to see these characters from a different perspective and understand how far they’ve come, instead of just throwing them into battle which would probably be awesome too.
    I’d say that this movie is truly a movie for the fans, long time marvel lovers and fans will be able to identify the many Easter eggs from the comics and past films. I want to thank the Russo brothers for producing a true spectacle , one that will be remembered and enjoyed for many years to come. To many more years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ??

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