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What is Pirate Kings Game?

It’s a Popular strategic game Available on Android and IOS Platforms, In this game You have to make your own villages with all the Essential things which are used in Actual village or City. You need Cash to Built your Village and the Cash comes from the slot machine as in a form of Cash. It’s an Addictive game like if you start playing this Pirate Kings there is no other want to find some fun. You can get this game from your Mobile App Store depending on the Platform you are running your game. Here in this article, you can get the Pirate Kings Free Spins and Cash so just read the full article and Get your free pirate kings spins.

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The Game is a type of Multiplayer in which you can connect it to your Social media and you can compete and challenge with your friends, The Level will be started from the minimum stage 1st and you have to Built your village Higher to the top.

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if you are playing this game and if you re familiar with this game then you know the struggle if you don’t have any spins left in the game but there is a solution for this, You can get the pirate kings free cash and spins and free pirate kings spins no verification with free spins pirate kings 2020 As these free spins and cash pirate kings will give you particular no of spins from which you can get the cash and built your Village easily. Here in this article, we have added pirate kings free spins link so get your pirate kings daily free spins link from here below.

How to Get Free Spins on Pirate Kings 2020

The major issue with the game is the Spins the game gives us Limited Spins and those spins are not enough for the competition and To built our town/city or villages to the higher, to build the town to the higher level we need Free spins to get some cash and for this, we are here for you all everyday update the links for the pirate kings daily free spins these daily spins will give you some free cash, So for you all, we have added pirate kings free cash and spins in the article.

Coin Master Free Spins and Coins 2020

Pirate Kings Free Spins Generator No Human Verification

Lots of Websites will offer pirate kings daily spins link free but the things are the links opens up with the Human Verification and that Only give limited spins, here you can get the pirate kings free spins generator no human verification as there will be no need of any human Verification just Raw free spins and cash for pirate kings, so what are you waiting to get all the pirate kings free spins today daily links here and also the pirate kings 400 spin link.

Social Media Interaction of Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings Free Spins Link Today Facebook

You can also get the pirate kings free spins link today Facebook as its essential to log in the game via Facebook this will give you several Rewards and also its helps you to connect to your social media friends and also you can compete with you friends on Facebook. Facebook will give you free spins for pirate kings Daily.= and the other thing is if you Invite a friend to install the pirate kings you will also get some extra rewards and the Free spins too.

Pirate Kings Free Spins Link Today Instagram

You can also login or connect your Pirate Kings game with the Instagram as Instagram is Mostly used Social Media Handle from which you can invite many of your friends to the game and also play with them and compete with them, again if you connect the game with the Instagram you can get the Some Gems Rewards and also the Free spins.

Inside the Pirate Kings Game

Coin Master Free Spins and Coins 2020

There are Several Essential things In the Pirate Kings game that you need to complete to make your town/city or villages higher, and for this, you also need the free spins and cash pirate kings to make your Slot machine Produced more cash.

Slot Machine

The Slot Machine is a Heart of the game it’s the thing from where you get the coin to build your Village, the machine has one wheel and it divided into 10 parts with some symbols so if your wheel stop any symbols on the wheel of the machine the bonus is in your hands.

Slot Machine Consist of these Symbols

Deep Sweep
Energy Jars
  • Cash

Cash is what you need to get the rewards the wheel stop in Cash. on the wheel will give you big amount. But if you upgrade te village from this rewards then you realized it is a small amounts when you start to play the game on the slot machine and if you run out of slots here you can get the pirate kings free spins today daily links from which you can easily get pirate kings free spins links and coins.

  • Attack

Attack is used for the opponent village  attacks if the wheel stop in attack in the wheel you can attach the town of the other Linked players in the game. The game will asked you to choose the Player town you want to attack otherwise it will choose random and then it will ask you the town and you will get the rewards

  • Deep Sweep

Deep Sweep Challenge is the mini-game in Pirate Kings that gets you guaranteed a lot of Free spins. Hit all the pies in the wheel of fortune and the jackpot is yours.

  • Steals

In the slot machine if the wheel stop in then you have a chance to raid as these raids will be done on your Connected Friend Town depending on whom you choose to be rade and these Rides will give you some extra Rewards.

  • Shield

Shields is a Type of Protection that will be given to you when the wheel stop in Shield symbols on your slot machine in the game as this shield will be assigned to your village and if someone tries to attack your village the shield will protect your village from the attacks


The cards are the extra rewards which you can get by using cash and for the cash, you need the pirate kings daily spins link free which we have added in the article. These cards will help you to open the chest, if you collect the 9 cards you can open those gifts box and the gifts box will give you extra bonuses, cash and also the free spins. There is another way to get the free spins that is Daily Spins Free Pirate Kings you can get those pirate kings free cash and spins from the links we have added in this article.


Bets are useful in the Slot machine as you increase the bets the Machine will produce more Rewards but the bets will also consume the Spins you have in the game in your Treasure but no issues you have low Numbers of cash you can get the pirate kings free spins and cash from the pirate kings daily free spins link we have added you will find in the blog.


Revenge is good Thing in the Pirate Kings game so if someone attacked your town and you wanted to destroy their Village, you can use the feature Revenge which will help you to destroy the village of the person who attacked your Village. revenge Option is Available on the top of the screen.

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Village building is a most important thing in the game and the village building will make your Level Top in the game, As every Village have 5 Buildings like you have to build 5 Building to complete the level, and the Buildings will be Upgrade when you Switch to the Next Level. They are about a total of 202 Levels and 202 Villages in the game.



1Tropical Coast
2Black Fort
3Asian Dreams
5Oasis Wish
6Ragna Rocks
8Enchanted Forest
9Robo Paradise
11Sweet Tooth
12El Bandido
14Haunted Hill
16Hidden Temple
17Clown Town
21Olympus Sky
22Farm Attack
24Surf & Turf
30Pirate Inferno
31Bumble Beach
32Fish & Ships
33Coral Cove
35Cash Kong
37Fishy Labs
38Trees Spirit
39Witch Beach
40Royal Swamp
41Frozen Shores
43Roller Coast
46Beanstalk Bay
47Biker Pier
48Luncha Libra
49Scottish Spoils
52Bozo Beach
53Frost Bites
54Bermuda Laguna
55Plant Seize
56Hell’s Kitten
58Worm Zone
59Hedgehog HQ
60Rainbow Riff
61Armadillo Outlaw
62Dos Bandidos
63Peakock King
64Castle Rock l
65Castle Rock ll
67Grand si-BEAR-ia
68Nut Hut
69Strawberry sands
70pinapple paradise
71Ripper’s Rock
72Canal cruiser
73Grand canal
75Rooster Ranch
76Shipwreck Shelter
80Cliffs of Rock
81Lumber Lodge
82Dagger Wagger
83Chimney Cheer
84Sea Sleigh
85Golden Gift
86Epic Eggnog
87Holiday Haze
88Skate Royale
89Chocolate Moose
90Bighorn Peak
91Shadow Waters
92Seagull Shore
93Unique Horn
94Unique Horn Black
96Wolf Street
97Cyberian Sabachka
99Lamp Lagoon
100Jack’s Home
101Golden Royal Swamp
102Golden Olympus sky
103Golden Crocolulu
104Golden Cyclopolis
105Golden Beanstalk Bay
106Golden Cash Kong
107Golden Grand Canal
108Golden Dragger Wagger
109Golden Peakock King
110Golden Rhinopolis
111Boulder Ridge
112Golden Boulder Ridge
113Dragon Loot
114Golden Dragon Loot
115Rich Kitsch
116Golden Rich Kitsch
118Golden CyBug
120Golden FurTuna
121Golden Atlantis
122Golden Plunderland
123Golden Castle Rock
124Golden Voodooville
125Golden Samuroach
126Golden Cameloot
127Moonkey Island
128Golden Moonkey Island
129Furry Tail
130Golden Furry Tail
131Shark Watch
132Golden Shark Watch
133Ice Mine-A-Mole
134Golden Unique Horn
135Golden Olympikings
136Golden Biker Pier
137Zombie Unique Horn
138Golden Hedgehog HQ
139Golden Asian Dreams
140Golden Coral Cove
141Golden Winterland
142Golden INKarnation
143Golden Hidden Temple
144Golden Ice-Lantica
145Golden Din-O-mite
146Golden Rangna Rocks
147Golden Skeletown
148Golden Papyramids
149Golden Pirate Inferno
151Golden Croc-Orleans
152Snowy Bighorn Peak
153Snowy Shadow Waters
154Naughty Nut
155Snowy Seagull Shore
156Pug Society
157Golden Pug Society
158Rainbow Pug Society
159Owly Land
160Golden Owly Land
161Rainbow Owly Land
163Golden Colo-Sea-Om
164Rainbow Colo-Sea-Om
165Tacky Tiki
166Golden Tacky Tiki
167Rainbow Tracky Tiki
168Vanilla Land
169Golden Vanilla Land
170Rainbow Vanilla Land
171Canine One One
172Golden Canine One One
173Rainbow Canine One One
174Barber Rock
175Golden Barber Rock
176Rainbow Barber Rock
177Conspira Sea
178Golden Conspira Sea
179Rainbow Conspira Sea
180Woof Wash
181Golden Woof Wash
182Rainbow Woof Wash
184Golden Dogtoberfest
185Rainbow Dogtoberfest
186Stranded Paradise
187Golden Stranded Paradise
188Rainbow Stranded Paradise
189Bear Park Bay
190Golden Bear Park Bay
191Rainbow Bear Park Bay
193Golden Gas-Uana
194Rainbow Gas-Uana
195Truckosaurus Rex
196Golden Truckosaurus Rex
197Rainbow Truckosaurus Rex
198Isle Lusion
199Golden Isle Lusion
200Reds Home
201Rainbow Isle Lusion
203Coming Soon

Daily Spins Free Pirate Kings

These Daily Spins are so much needed thing in the Game, Pirate Kings will give you around 5 Daily spins to Earn some reward and build your Town/City or Village but if you are Daily player of this game you know those 5 Daily spins are not that enough and for this you need some more Daily spins to generate the coins from that slot machine, We have a solution for this you can get the daily free spins Pirate Kings from the pirate kings daily spins link free you can find in this article as these spins will give you unlimited spins and from which you can get Rewards to build your Village name make it to the maximum Level in the game.

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Pirate Kings Free Spins Hack 2020

Internet is full of pirate kings free spins hack 2020 or Cheats bu all those Hacks are useless but either you can use the Pirate Kings mods APK which maybe Available Over the internet. Either you can use these pirate kings daily free spins and get the Pirate Kings Free Spins and Coins.

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