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Masterpieces Guide Lost Ark and Collectibles Rewards  – Where To Turn Them In?  : – Lost Ark is an outstanding player of  MMORPG that a participant can enjoy. Being an MMORPG, there are many Tasks, Dungeon Raids, Quests,  and so on that the gamers will be doing. Among these objectives, amassing Masterpieces will be one of them. Masterpieces are Collectible gadgets in the recreation that the participant ought to be getting as quickly as they can. Why? Well, that’s due to the fact you can get some early sport rewards to assist you development thru the game. In this guide, I will exhibit you the place to Turn In the Masterpieces that you have accrued in Lost Ark.

Where to Turn In the Masterpieces in Lost Ark

Turn In the Masterpieces in Lost Ark : – Player of Lost Ark can collect items from game and also known as Masterpieces. Once you collecting item ( Masterpiece ), then you can take Sunflower Island & Trade it with the NPC, Alfons Vedice. Spend  Masterpieces and we will get some rewards. Some free rewards contain Soul leaf, Sunflowers Island soul,  Rune Val, Potions, 4 Philanthropist’s Caskets,Legendary Card Pack , Pet : Andrea Sancho & many more rewards. In Lost Ark there are 60 Masterpieces as of now in the game. Here is how you can get them.  You can get the following rewards for a certain number of Masterpieces:

Lost Ark Masterpiece Rewards
No of Masterpieces Equal to Rewards
2 of Masterpieces can exchange for 30x Soul Leaf
4 of Masterpieces can exchange for Emote: Proud
6 of Masterpieces can exchange for Uncommon Card Pack x3
8 of Masterpieces can exchange for Vitality Increase Potion
10 of Masterpieces can exchange for Sunflower Island Soul
12 of Masterpieces can exchange for 20x Eternity Essence
14 of Masterpieces can exchange for Stat Increase Potion
16 of Masterpieces can exchange for 3x Rare Card Pack
18 of Masterpieces can exchange for Structure: Azure Hill
20 of Masterpieces can exchange for Artist’s Treasure Chest
22 of Masterpieces can exchange for 15x Creation Fragment
24 of Masterpieces can exchange for Conviction
26 of Masterpieces can exchange for Epic Card
28 of Masterpieces can exchange for Structure: By Lantern’s Light
30 of Masterpieces can exchange for Artist’s Treasure Chest
32 of Masterpieces can exchange for 10x Menelik’s Tome
34 of Masterpieces can exchange for Artist’s Treasure Chest
36 of Masterpieces can exchange for Wei Card
38 of Masterpieces can exchange for Artist’s Treasure Chest
40 of Masterpieces can exchange for Title “Art Aficionado”
42 of Masterpieces can exchange for Structure: Divine Protection
44 of Masterpieces can exchange for Judgment
46 of Masterpieces can exchange for Guardian Luen Card
48 of Masterpieces can exchange for Greatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime
50 of Masterpieces can exchange for Legendary Card Pack
52 of Masterpieces can exchange for Artist’s Treasure Chest
54 of Masterpieces can exchange for Menelik’s Tome
56 of Masterpieces can exchange for Powerful Elixir “Blessing Of Rufeon”
58 of Masterpieces can exchange for Iron Wall
60 of Masterpieces can exchange for Pet : Andrea Sancho

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TLDR – How to Prioritize Which Collectibles to Target
  1. Island Tokens : – can collect very easiest for their Skill Points
  2. Giant Hearts :-  are 2nd most necessary for Skill Points
  3. Masterpieces Lost Ark :- before Tier Three, offer Vitality and main stat potions
  4. Omnium Stars :- are accessible when you ascend to Tier Three & provide Skill Points
  5. World Tree :-  Leaves provide you Trade Skill potions
  6. Mokoko Seeds :- can be strong, however attempt to do them while you level and explore to make it less difficult. When you have to do a Mokoko Seeds run later for completion
  7. Sea Bounties :- if you want Silver or Gold
  8. Ignea Tokens :- are the most challenging to collect, so we advocate saving them for last
Island Token
  • Lost Ark Island Token Rewards
5 Greater Stat Increase Potion
10 Emote: Threaten
15 Uncommon Wooden Compass
20 Greater Skill Point Potion
25 Mount: Golden Moss Turtle
30 Masterpiece #3
35 Emote: Wave Dance
40 Luminous Aquamarine
45 Gienah’s Protection
50 Protection skill rune
55 Masterpiece #22
60 Secret Map
65 Oceanic Aquamarine
70 Structure: Statue of the Goddess of Harmony
75 Masterpiece #38
80 Ship Model: Tortoise Turtle
85 Secret Map
90 Storm Aquamarine
95 Object: Procea’s Statue

Rewards Island Tokens are given across Arkesia sea through quests and activities.

Likewise you can get more tips by collecting more Island Tokens. Skill point potions are the best for collecting tokens of Island.

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Giant’s Hearts

You can increase your total skill points via Giant Hearts.

Questing, Rapport and exchanges can be used to acquire Giant Hearts.

Omnium Stars
  • Lost Ark Omnium Star Rewards
1 Stat Increase Potion
2 Greater Skill Point Potion
3 Overwhelm skill rune
4 Greater Stat Increase Potions
5 Wealth skill rune
6 Greater Skill Point Potion
7 Protection skill rune

When you reach Punika ,you can collect Omnium Stars.This way you can finish the quest.

By doing certain quests, world bosses,  killing dungeon bosses, Rapport with Nia, or purchasing for 8k suncoin.

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World Tree Leaves
  • Lost Ark World Tree Leaves Rewards
6  Adept All Trade Skill XP Potion
12 Faint Ore Charm
18 Adept Craft Kit
24 Masterpiece #11
30 Transformation: Rabbit
36 Faint Citrine
42 Title: “Master of Life Skills”
48 Silent Citrine
54 Transformation: Gatherable
60 Object: Escape from the World Tree
66 Fin Charm
72 Sparkling Citrine

One can get World Tree Leaves easily by Trading Skills in Lost Ark via foraging,  fishing, mining, hunting and excavating.

Now we are ready to move with our main quest.

Mokoko Seeds
  • Lost Ark Mokoko Seed Rewards
50 Totoma Card
100 Kindness Potion
150 Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica
200 Vitality Increase Potion
250 Crew Application Form: Cocorico
300 Stat Increase Potion
350 Mokamoka Card
400 Paradise’s Knight License
450 Eurus Blueprint
500 Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko
550 Shy Wind Flower Potion
600 Eurus Blueprint
650 Crew Application Form: Poipoi
700 Title: “Mokoko Hunter”
750 Structure: Moko Seed Monument
800 Transform: Egg of Creation
850 Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru
900 Background: Moki Toki
950 Masterpiece #32
1000 Ship Model: Blooming Caravel
1050 Crew Application Form: Narinari
1100 Title “Nice Smelling”
1150 Masterpiece #44
1200 Mokoko Charm
1250 Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack

These are the issue of the most Lost Ark memes – like the well-known barricade raid boss. The creators love to had these collectibles in random and elaborate locations to find.

They’re are in particular beneficial for getting crew individuals for your ships and stronghold.

Sea Bounties
  • Lost Ark Sea Bounty Rewards
2 Adventurer’s Coin Chest
4 Crew Application Form: Mikeel
6 Adventurer’s Coin Chest
8 Crew Application Form: Vanderwal
10 Stat Increase Potion
12 Adventurer’s Coin Chest
14  Crew Application Form: Shirley
16 Adventurer’s Coin Chest
18 Crew Application Form: Eungwang
20 Title “First Mate”
22 Adventurer’s Coin Chest
24 Transformation: Seagull
26 Bloodclaw’s Splendid Coin
28 Crew Application Form: Edward
30 Masterpiece # 23
32 Adventurer’s Coin Chest
34 Wealth skill rune
36 Title “Westwind Conductor”
38 Masterpiece #39
40 Tears of the Abyss
42 Focus skill rune
44 Tears of the Abyss x2
46 Adventurer’s Coin Chest

You can accumulate forty four sea bounty objects in a variety of places of Arkesia. When you attain a secret map, you acquire a treasure map. The description will inform you what journey you should find.

It’s no longer some thing gamer’s have to prioritize due to the fact the solely treasured rewards come from greater series numbers at 30,34,38 and forty However, it’s enjoyable and a way to accumulate Silver cash if you want them.

Ignea Tokens
  • Lost Ark Ignea Token Rewards
1 Mount: White Scarab
2 Mokoko’s Skillet
3  Luminous Energy emote
4 Superior Vitality Increase Potion
5 Purify skill rune
6 Zinnvervale Card
7 Superior Stat Increase Potion
8 Greater Skill Point potion
9 Bifrost Key
10 Delain Armen Card
11 Title “Arkesia Pilgrim”
12 Object: Monument to the Seekers
13 Mount: Golden Terpion Mount
14 Background: Kandaria
15  Purify skill rune

Ignea tokens are rewards for attaining one hundred percent of the journey tome for every continent. Rapport is time-gated for all continents.

Take your time grinding them due to the fact they are the hardest of all collectibles out there.

Thanks for reading! Let us be aware of your ideas in the feedback below. For greater courses and articles, test our Lost Ark blog.


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