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Google Snake Game is a browser-based arcade game, released in the year 2017. Players have to control the snake within a grid and eat fruits that randomly appear on the screen. And do so with the goal to maximize their score. The snake keeps growing in size as it eats more and more fruits. And the rest is the same that is avoid crashing with itself in order not to lose the game. Here we discuss about Google Snake Mods (2022) and some fun mods that you can try.

What Is Google Snake Mods?

Google Snake Mod means an altered game version that has more added new contents. It allows players to contribute to games they love because modding game files can unlock a dozen of content that would not be otherwise available in the game. You can hit high scores in the game and unlock tons of fruits easily. To mod Google Snake and take the most out of the game.

Want to play Google Snake Game without any download file .

Then you are right place to play the Google Snake Game without download any thing. Just click below the links and start playing the game.

Play Now Google  Snake Game 

How To Mod Google Snake?

1. In the very beginning download the Google Snake Menu Mod published on GitHub.

Click Here to Download Snake Menu Mod From GitHub. 

2. Once you open this link there will be many assets including MoreMenu.html with Source Code(.zip) and Source Code with Source Code(tar.gz) available.

3. Click on MoreMenu.html and click on Save to download the file on your system.Next, click the three dots located in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser and hover your mouse over Bookmarks and select Bookmark manager from the drop-down sub-menu.

4. Once the Bookmark manager opens, click the three dots in the top-right corner of the Bookmarks bar.Select Import Bookmarks from the drop-down menu.It will bring up the File Explorer where you will locate the MoreMenu file that you previously downloaded from the above URL. Find it and click Open to import it to your bookmarks.

5. If you have properly followed the early steps then you should see a folder named Imported on the Bookmark manager page-click on it and then drag the More Menu Stuff to the Bookmarks bar.Click on the three dots beside the imported folder and choose delete from the drop-down menu.

6. Tap on PLAY to bring the game screen. Click on the Gear icon and then click on Snake Game Menu directly from the Bookmarks bar at the top of the screen to implement the mod. This automatically unlocks all the in-game items hence, enjoy the Google Snake Mod (2022).

Best Google Snake Mods

The best Google Snake Mods are here:

1. Google Snake Skull Poison :In this mod the original red apples disappears and only Poison Apples remain and eating them will make your snake go confused. The snake will get erratic and you won’t have the control. This is just for fun.

2. Google Snake Time Keeper :This mod provides a leaderboard where you can keep track of your scores and game complete times. Available in this link GitHub – DarkSnakeGang/GoogleSnakeBurgerMode

3. Snake Custom Snake Colors :Change your snake’s skin color from washed lavender to watermelon using this mod under GitHub – DarkSnakeGang/GoogleSnakeCustomSnakeColors: Custom Colors for the Snakes

4. Google Snake Endgame Sooner :Typing the command “snake.wall_every_apple()” will trigger the end game with your snake.

5. Google Snake Dark Mode : Type “window.snake.dark()” into the console and using this you enjoy the Google Snake 3 Din Dark mode.

6. Google Snake Board Size :Customize the board size anyway you choose by visiting the link GitHub – DarkSnakeGang/GoogleSnakeAnyBoardSize: do whatever you want (:

7. Google Snake Burger Mode :This has Burger Mode for Google Snake apk and you can get it from here GitHub – DarkSnakeGang/GoogleSnakeBurgerMode

8. Google Snake Toggle Death Screen :This mod let’s you turn off and on the game over screen which is what we call Death Screen. But this doesn’t change your game stats or score.


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