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The Fatal to the Flesh Website was created by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004 after booking the Fataltotheflesh.com domain. It offers an online mind diversion game that keeps the mind busy by providing real life simulation tasks with visual outputs for people who wish to cause self-harm. Fatal to the Flesh is a very popular website around the world, especially in India, Africa, America, Bangladesh, and many other countries.

How To Fatal To The Flesh

When you open the Fatal To The Flesh website, you see a white blank page that might make you confused & appear as if the page is not loading, but that’s how the interface is designed. When you press & drag your cursor on the blank white page, you can draw anything and any shape you like on the blank white page. This site’s concept comes from cutting meat and watching blood gush out. By cutting flesh, people can decrease their anxiety and get satisfaction when they are angry and feel self-harming.

How To Use Fatal To The Flesh On Mobile Or PC

If you have a good internet connection, you can access this website with any device. Simply by clicking the link here and visiting the Fatal To The Flesh website. As soon as the page opens, you’ll see a blank page. Move your cursor and draw anything you like. For example, if you draw a logo and then cut through it, you’ll see blood drip.

The purpose of the website is to prevent self harm and suicidal thoughts. By creating an emotional blockage it tries to prevent users from making fatal decisions that could endanger them. Instead of causing injury to themself this site gives you a blank canvas to vent out the feelings. Leave a mark on the canvas instead. It resembles the human body and the red markings and the blood dripping from every cut, make the cuts more real and natural. It can help the brain some kind of satisfaction in such drastic times.

Know More About Fatal To The Flesh

When a useropens the website, it takes them to a blank empty page with no details or design. It might confuse whoever opens it the very first time. But then answering how to use Fatal to the Flesh is this article about. Hopefully, by now you have got a very clear idea of it. You start to make random marks or patterns on the paper. Itdepends on the movement of the cursor.

The faster you move the cursor, the more deeper the cut will be. More blood droplets will release from the cut. This website since, it’s release in 2004 has gained a trust score of 67%. The only positive reason behind it’s noble motive is due to the fact that the website is old and can be easily accessed through HTTPS protocol.

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