Descenders Codes for Free Items

Descenders is a fast paced downhill biking video published by No More Robots. It was initially released on limited platforms Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on 2019. And Xbox Series X and Series S got it on 8 June 2021. Descenders delivers an advanced cool upgrade that delivers the best thrilling experience to the players.The Descenders takes place in a surreal generated worlds where players race down the side of mountains and perform flabbergasting tricks and stunts in order to finish levels and advanced their team in this great online challenge. Although it has limited controls and content but the fact that it features a great soundtrack in the background is what gives a major adrenaline rush. Grab Free Descenders Codes.

Descenders System Requirements

You can play Descenders on your PC if you use BlueStacks that lets you play the famous Xbox, android games on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. If that sounds exciting let’s look at the system requirements.

To Play Descenders system requirements:

Memory: 6 GB


Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 256 or Higher


CPU: Intel Core i5-4400E or Higher


Storage: 12 GB


OS: Windows 7 or Higher

The Descendant minimum Mac OS system requirements

Memory:4 GB


Graphics Card:Intel Iris 6100


CPU:Intel Core i5-4400E


Storage :12 GB


OS: OS X 10.10

What are Descenders codes?

The Descenders Codes make the gameplay more additionally appealing by giving access to free items out of the box to the players. It is always more than what we could originally have and the code give us that extra resources that makes gameplay interesting. There are simple steps to redeem Descenders codes and made straightforward.

  • DOGTORQUE is to Redeem the Dogtorque set
  • STABLE is to Redeem the Training Set
  • DRAE is to Redeem the Draegast Jersey
  • SPEEDISKEY is to Redeem the Jacksepticeye Jersey
  • MANFIST is to Redeem the MANvsGAME Jersey
  • NLSS is to Redeem the NLSS Jersey
  • SODAG is to Redeem the Sodapoppin Jersey
  • LOVE is to Redeem the Flag Heart
  • YEAHTHEBOYS is to Redeem the Jackhuddo Jersey
  • FIREKITTENis to Redeem the Firekitten Jersey
  • SLASH is to Redeem the Discord Bike
  • BUGGS is used to Redeem the Bay Area Buggs Jersey
  • SOMETHINGRAD is to Redeem the Something Rad Jersey
  • SPOOPY is to Redeem the Skeleton Jersey and the Skeleton Pants
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS is needed if you Redeem the Kinetic Christmas Jersey, Enemy Christmas Jersey, Arboreal Christmas Jersey, Arboreal Christmas Jersey, and the Descenders Christmas Jersey
  • CIVRYAN is to Redeem the CivRyan Jersey
  • ICEFOXX to Redeem thisfor the Cashcow Bell, Cashcow Bike, Cashcow Jersey, Cashcow Mask, and the Cashcow Pants
More Descenders Codes Available
  • ADMIRALCREEP to Redeem this for the AdmiralBulldog Jersey
  • TOASTY to Redeem thisfor the Toasty Ghost Jersey
  • SMILE is to Redeem the RockLeeSmile Jersey
  • TEAMRAZER is to Redeem the TeamRazer Jersey and the TeamRazer Shorts
  • FUNHAUS Redeem for the Funhaus Jersey
  • TABOR let’s you to Redeem the Sam Tabor Gaming Jersey
  • WARCHILD let’s you Redeem the War Child Jersey and War Child Pants
  • NATIONS is to Redeemfor Multiple nation sets
  • PRIDE is needed to Redeem the 13 Flags
  • SPE let’s you to Redeem the Spe set
  • KINGKRAUTZ let’s you Redeem the Kingkrautz set
  • HIGHVOLTAGE is toRedeem the High Voltage Set
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