Daman Games – Colour Prediction Game

Daman Games is the most popular gaming platform. And daman games is Specialist in colour prediction games. Color prediction game is a simple game where the player chooses the single colour from the spinning wheels. Spinning wheels have multiple colours like red, blue, yellow, green. So, play on Daman Games Colour Prediction Game.

How to play Colour Prediction Game on Daman Games

It is very easy and simple to play a colour Prediction Game on Daman Games Platform. In Home there are a lot of category games that appear like mini games, machine games, sports games, fishing games, and many more category games.

First selected machine Category then the game will appear on your screen. Then Choose colour Prediction Game. The game will open and now you can play the game. First choose your colour from spinning wheels. Spinning wheels have four colours – green, yellow, blue and red.  After selecting the colour the game host will rotate the wheels and the arrow will decide which colour has won. If you chose the same colour where the arrow has top, that means you have won your rewards.

For Example 1: –  If i choose Red colour and the game host will roteded the wheel. Wheel stopped in Red colour that means i have won. So, I will collect my gifts.

Example 2 :  –  If I select Yellow color and the game anchor will roll the wheels. If the wheel stops in Blue color that means I lost this round. And I didn’t get any gifts, rewards.

FAQs of Daman Games Colour Prediction Game

1) How do I get started with Daman Games?

It’s very simple to start playing Daman Game. Visit the official website and create an account. Once you created/Registered with Daman Games . Then you are eligible to play all the games.

2) Can I play Daman Games on different devices?

Yes, You can play Daman Games on different devices. Just you need to login with an id and passwords. And enter your account and play your favourite games.

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