Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Full HD Movie

By | March 24, 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Full HD Movie


Honestly, looking this movie at the same time as an actual pandemic has thrust its way through the sector wasn’t one in all the first-rate selections I’ve made (Vitul, cheers). Being lucky enough to be a social animal turns out no longer so lucky in this superbly crafted filmin which how a single handshake or just by means of truely touching anything around you may send you spiraling right down to the verge of your extinction. Until of direction a vaccine is developed.

The gravity of such situations had been portrayed by using the struggles of a dad and a daughter having no time to grieve yet having all the time being quarantined, challenges to discover peace with the situation (vaccine) via a doctor aided via the chief who dares to take risk in this kind of horrid situation-which i assure will win your heart. And few other carefully knitted testimonies of humans and the kingdom of the sector all through such horrible times, will make you wanna re-think whenever you make slightest of human contact.
Although mankind had its honest share of pandemics within the records in which black death, smallpox, cholera and greater lately SARS and even AIDS rolled the dice wiping out millions at once. This state of helplessness is heightened with the have an effect on of social media,news etcetra, which is likewise very logically placed within the film.


Requesting all of you please stay at home & Stay Save, Avoid Handshake, wash your hands frequently.
Share as much as information as possible.


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