Clash of Clans Troop Guide: When and How to Best Use Each Troop Type

Clash of Clans is a famous mobile strategy game where players establish communities, train armies, and attack others for resources. This tutorial covers all army kinds in the game and how to employ them depending on opponent level and composition.

Basic Troop Types


  • Overview: Barbarians are the first troops unlocked in the barracks. They are melee attackers with decent hitpoints and damage.
  • Best Use: Ideal for bulk attacks as they can overwhelm defenses with sheer numbers. Deploy them in large groups to distract defenses while more specialized troops do the heavy lifting.


  • Overview: Archers are long-range troops that can target and attack over walls.
  • Best Use: Useful for picking off undefended buildings and structures. They work well when deployed behind tanks like Giants or Barbarians.


  • Overview: Goblins are fast and deal double damage to resource buildings.
  • Best Use: Best used in farming strategies to quickly loot gold and elixir from poorly defended bases.

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Advanced Troop Types

  1. Giants are ideal frontline tanks because to their tremendous health and concentration on attacking defensive structures.
    Best Use: Giants can deal with defensive assaults while Wizards or Archers cleanse the base.

  2. Wall breakers aim for walls and explode upon hit, inflicting significant damage.
    Best for: Penetration of well protected enemy strongholds. Open paths to the base core by deploying them early in the attack.

  3. Balloons: Slow-moving aerial troops inflict significant damage by dropping bombs on defensive buildings.
    Most effective against dense fortifications. After air defenses are engaged or defeated, release balloons to maximize damage.

Specialist Troops

  • Wizard Overview: Wizards may swiftly eliminate groups of structures by inflicting significant area damage.
    Best Use: Position Wizards behind tanks during assaults, particularly in Clan Wars, to quickly defeat vital defenses.

  • Dragons are powerful air troops with strong health and capability to do widespread damage.
    Best Use: Dragons are effective at breaching defensive systems, particularly weak air defenses, in resource collection and Clan Wars.

  • P.E.K.K.The melee combatant is strongly armored and does significant damage.
    Best for: Breaking thick defenses. Combine with Wizards and Healers to boost combat performance.

Support Troop Types

  • In summary, healers increase the lifespan of ground soldiers by mending them, but cannot cure themselves.
    Best Use: Put Healers behind Giant tanks to boost their combat presence.

  • Overview: Miners may dig below, bypassing barriers and defenses, to reach their goals.
    Best Use: They’re great at destroying Town Halls and resource buildings. Use many for surprise attacks.

Strategy and Formation Advice

To successfully counter defenses, mix troop kinds.

  • Sequential deployment: Tanks absorb enemy fire, next damage dealers, then healers or wall breakers.
  • Scouting: Before attacking, scout the opponent base for vulnerabilities and adjust your force composition.
  • Clan Wars Focus: Strategically target high-value targets and prepare to fight Clan Castle armies and defensive arrangements in Clan Wars.
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