An Introduction to Livestreaming: A New Form of Entertainment?

Since going mainstream with the introduction of Facebook Live in 2017, live streaming has continued to grow its influence on the wider internet landscape. In 2023, more than 30 percent of internet users consume live streamed content, highlighting its popularity. The platform is evolving and changing, though, and it is likely to go through various advancements in the next few years. New forms of entertainment will be introduced, with some older applications of live streaming potentially going out of style.

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Popular Media and Changing Demands

Live streaming may have boomed when Facebook introduced it, but it existed for several years before then. The online casino industry has been using it since the early 2000s, and now live options are among the most popular games at these sites. Live casino began with versions of blackjack and roulette with a dealer, and now the offerings have expanded to virtual game shows like Lightning Lotto and Funky Time. There are also innovative versions of classic games, such as Mega Fire Blaze Roulette Live and Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette.

It’s clear that as the live streaming platform has grown, online casinos have had to adapt to the increasing demand for these games. There are still purists who want to play traditional offerings, but the market for innovative titles has exploded as well. Now, developers are scrambling to think of the next big hit in the industry, and that’s why they are exploring themed versions of iconic games as well as new game show concepts. As live streaming advances and becomes integrated with virtual reality, demands are likely to change again. This may bring about a back to basics approach at first, in which developers simply want to offer an immersive casino table experience. Then, progression could mirror the rise of live streaming to date and involve more varied game titles.

Social media is one of the other key applications of live streaming, and its use has changed over the last few years as well. In the first few years, it was a key driver for online marketing approaches, with social media marketers finding great success from it. There are various reasons why it was so popular among people in this industry. One of the key factors was that Facebook wanted to boost the live streaming platform at first, so people who used it were able to take advantage of the algorithm and get in front of a larger audience.

It is still a great idea to use live content for this reason, but with more people than ever using it, it’s harder to have the same impact as in the early days. Indeed, more than 50 percent of businesses have posted live content, highlighting how saturated the market has become. Still, it is a great way to generate engagement with customers and foster a unique brand identity.

Long-form Content in a Short-form Era

In recent years, platforms like Facebook and YouTube have actively encouraged more short-form content in the form of reels. People who post 1-2 minute videos have been able to tap into the algorithms on these sites and get their content in front of wider audiences. Reels are still hugely popular, but live streaming could bring about new trends. In fact, there could be a return of long-form content in the future as more people realize that live streaming has various applications that go beyond short form.

For example, there has been a recent rise in YouTube users creating live album reviews. This is an interesting concept, as it allows people to post their instant reactions to records that they hear for the first time. People love because it provides honest feedback.

There are other long-form live videos that are gaining traction on platforms like YouTube as well. Recently, some streamers have been releasing readings of video essays, in which they go into great depth about topics they are knowledgeable about.

The Impact of Live Streaming

Even though live streaming has already blown up and become the biggest platform on the internet, it could be that we are only witnessing the beginning of this craze. The wider impact of it could be yet to come, and what exists today may only be a stepping stone to something much greater.

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